Our mission is to provide life-changing Bible training to those with a desire to know Christ better. If you’d like us to serve you in one of the following ways, leave a comment below or send us a note using our Contact Us page.

Speaking Engagements – In addition to their pastoral ministry, Dr. and Mrs. Schwarz have had the joy of speaking at countless Christian conferences, camps, retreats, schools, and special events. Along with their strong commitment to the Bible, they bring good humor and pastoral warmth to their teaching ministry. Please consider them for one of your special events or pulpit supply.

Workshops and Seminars – Invite us to facilitate a workshop or seminar on one of many practical topics including marriage, parenting, finances, prophecy, prayer, church leadership, building a women’s ministry, spiritual gifts, knowing God’s will, leading short-term mission trips, getting to know your Bible better, teacher training, growing a children’s ministry, and leading small groups.

Mission Trips – As former missionaries, Dr. and Mrs. Schwarz’s passion is to see followers of Jesus made among every people group on earth. For that reason, PFL sponsors short-term mission trips to support missionaries on the field and provide nationals with practical Bible teaching and ministry training. With partnerships in Romania, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and elsewhere, we invite you to support us in this effort and take part in one of our mission trips.

Mark & Kathy Olander’s November 2013 mission trip to Nicaragua

Local Outreach – PFL is  committed to partnering with like-minded local ministries to reach people in need with the good news of Jesus (we’re all people in need) and provide them with training in Biblical life skills. We’ve led prayer walks in our town and would enjoy helping you to begin a prayer walk ministry in your town too. We are also available to preach at evangelistic events and teach workshops on practical topics such as marriage and finances.

Prayer – A. J. Gordon wrote, “You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed.” With that in mind, we not only ask you to pray for us, we are also committed to spending a significant amount of time each day praying for your needs. Therefore, please take a moment to share a prayer request with us in the comment form below.

8 responses to “Ministries

  1. Sharon and Dick Fitchitt

    Dick fell last Thurs. and broke the skin on his knee and on Tues. he spent several hours on that knee working on a toilet in a 5th wheel trailer.
    He has not felt well for a couple of days and you all know that this is not like him! This morning (Thurs.) I noticed that his knee was red and angry looking and called the doctor
    . He has an infection in that knee and because it’s the one with the artificial joint and the fact that he was working on a toilet she’s very concerned and is treating it aggresively with 2 different antibiotics. If it’s not better by Sat. he’ll have to have IV antibotics.
    Thank you for praying—We love you guys and hopefully we’ll see you tomorrw evening—it all depends on this man of mine.
    Love, Dick and Sharon

    • Thanks for letting us know, Sharon! We’ll start praying for him immediately. Be sure to remind him how important he is to all of us! I’ll send the prayer request out to our email list as well, to make sure that everyone is aware of what you’re going through. Keep us posted. We love you!

  2. Your website looks wonderful!Blessings

  3. I Just want to let you know that there is two churches in Haiti have been praying and Christ-Ville Christian Church set up a 40 days of prayers.You are not alone, God with you.

  4. Richa Rose Bhatty

    Please pray for me that I get my prospective groom from Jehovah God who is a believer in Christ soon. AMEN

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