About Us

Thirty years ago, while serving as a youth pastor and attending seminary, one of Dr. Schwarz’s professors saw potential in him and invited him to pursue a career in academics by becoming his teaching assistant. After searching their hearts in prayer, Gary and Cheryl believed they were being called to the more personal and practical ministry of providing teaching and leadership for the local church. They have never regretted that decision but give thanks to God for the ministry He has given them. Five of their most fruitful years were invested as missionary teachers in Romania where Cheryl trained young adults to lead children’s and youth ministries and Gary also had the privilege of teaching the life-changing principles of God’s Word to students in three Bible colleges.

With a continuing desire to serve the local church and its members, Dr. and Mrs. Schwarz recently left the pastoral ministry to establish a nonprofit organization called Principles for Life Ministries. Its mission is to provide life-changing Bible training to those with a desire to know Christ better. With partnerships already established in the Pacific Northwest and on the mission field, including countries like Romania, Nicaragua, and the Philippines, the vision of PFL is both  local and international. For information about how you can take advantage of this ministry, please see the Our Ministries page of this website.

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