Breakthrough for Unreached Pacific Tribe

Papua New Guinea Team - 2018

For the past 4 1/2 years our young missionaries have worked hard to build loving relationships with the Kaje people of Papua New Guinea. They’ve learned  the language, translated the Bible into their mother tongue, and have daily prayed for the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts to hear God’s story.  That time has finally come.  Jon Myers, our missionary on the ground reports, “On August 15, Thursday morning  we began teaching the Bible. The anticipation and excitement can be felt here. We are so thankful that the Kaje desire to hear God’s truth.” Then he asks, “Please continue to pray with us for these things:

Pray for:
Jon and Taylor as they will be teaching 4 days a week, and while still carrying on with bible translation and lesson writing.
Our families as this time period will be a very busy, stressful, and exciting time.
The health of our families and the Kaje people.
That God’s word would penetrate the Kaje hearts and minds and that they would believe His message and know Jesus as their savior.”

More news to soon follow —


2 responses to “Breakthrough for Unreached Pacific Tribe

  1. So exciting! We will pray about this for sure. God is good!
    Bruce and Linda

  2. Sharon Fitchitt

    I can just feel the excitement—I will be praying a hedge of protection over the families and the Kaje people as this journey to know Jesus begins!

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