Missionary Update from Papua New Guinea


And then there were three….

Papua New

As the Goheens and we have prayed and evaluated the church planting work ahead of us, our own capabilities and weaknesses, and the future needs of the future Kaje church… we have felt the need to add on another family to our team.  So after months of prayer and emails we finally had two weeks of long discussions about theology, church planting strategy, philosophy of ministry, parenting, gifting and abilities, personalities and more (Basically speed dating), and now we are excited to introduce you to the newest members of our team! The picture below is the Meyer family (not to be mistaken with the Myers family).  They are Christopher, Lillie, Linda, and Silas.  They are Germans, but we try not to hold that against them :).  We love them and can’t wait to get them moved into Kaje so they can begin learning the Kaje Language and culture.  Be praying for them as they prepare to begin purchasing solar equipment, lumber milling equipment, plywood for floors, screen for windows, corrugated roofing iron, water filtration, water storage tank or bladder, pipes, a stove etc.  They have a lot of planning and transition ahead of them!



Meeting Solo…

After an hour flight over dense jungle the chopper finally set down in our village of Andarum.  With the rotors still turning, we stepped out of the chopper into the blazing sun and were met by almost the entirety of our village and then some.  The Kaje have been waiting eagerly for over 3 months to meet Solo.  And as hundreds of smiling faces and hands reached out for him, I surveyed the crowd and saw people with skaby skin, pink swollen eyes, dirty hands, and snotty faces.  And knowing these poor people have little to no concept of germs and sickness…. I felt emotions rise up within me to guard and protect Solo’s fragile life from them… But what could I do? Run him up into our house and hide him from them?  Imagine what that would communicate.  Jen and I talked about it before we arrived, but in that moment we had to choose again to trust God with Solo’s health as he was introduced to the Kaje people for the 1st time.  Pray for us as we continue to choose to trust God with Solo’s health in an area with malaria, tuberculosis, skin diseases, and more.  In this way we show our love for the Kaje people as they love on Solo. And they can’t get enough of him!

Here are some question we were asked by the Kaje upon our arrival:
Does he nurse like our babies?
Does he cry like our babies?
Does he poop and pee like our babies?
Can he Speak?
Does he understand your language?


bPlease Pray For Us As:

  • We are having our first literacy class’s graduation in a week.
  • Class 2 of literacy starts up two days later with 16 new students.
  • Abby prepares a post literacy class to encourage the 1st16 students to keep growing in their ability to read and write.
  • A Bible translation consultant is coming in on July 6th to check the comprehensions and accuracy of the Bible portions Taylor has been faithfully translating these last months without us.
  • The Meyer family is coming in for a few days on July 13thto be introduced to the Kaje and to begin planning how and where to build their house.
  • Continue trusting Jesus for the health of baby Solomon.



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