Three Days with John the Baptist (recap)

Hi, Friends!

This is Gary Schwarz, Bible teacher for Principles for Life Ministries. Below are the downloads I promised you a few days ago. However, before you listen to them, I have a prayer request I’d like to make. As many of you know, I’ve been battling some health problems the past couple years – type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and spinal stenosis. However, over the past year, my hematologist has found some suspicious things in my blood tests. The white blood cells are much higher than they should be. So on Wednesday he is having me undergo a bone marrow biopsy to make sure that I’m not also suffering from some form of leukemia or other blood disease. They poke a whole in your hip bone and extract some bone marrow which they then proceed to study. My prayer is that they will arrive at a clear diagnosis and a helpful treatment plan. The main symptom I suffer is chronic fatigue. Thank you for caring and praying! God bless you all!


(To download a written copy of this study, click PDF.)

(To download or listen to the spoken message, click mp3.)

Next week look for a study of the first disciples who believed in Jesus. It’s very insightful!

2 responses to “Three Days with John the Baptist (recap)

  1. Gary we will be praying for you and family. We are so sorry to hear about all the health problems you are having. How is Cheryl doing?
    We love you both
    Aline and Don

    • We love you both too! I told Cheryl last night that your good health and long lives are an inspiration and example to us both. She’s still limping along trying to be my caregiver now. God bless!

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