Myers’ Update from Kaje Land – Family of Four Quickly Becomes Family of Five!

unnamed (11)

Back in Papua New Guinea. We are home!

After just over 3 months in Australia,  we finally have Solomon’s passport and PNG visa in hand (Solomon is exactly 2 months old) and we arrived in PNG yesterday.  Although, waiting for his passport and visa proved to take longer then we anticipated, we were able to take care of several unexpected medical/dental issues and we are thankful for the extra time we had to deal with them. We came to Australia as a family of 4, and now we are leaving as a family of 5. We already can’t imaging our lives without this sweet boy and are so thankful to the Lord for blessing our family with him.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support while we were there.

The Goheens just wrapped up teaching the first literacy class (they taught two thirds of the class without us and we are so thankful for them). Next month we celebrate their achievement with a big graduation ceremony.  The fact that some of the Kaje can now read in their heart language, is so exciting, and we are another step closer to beginning Bible teaching!

When we get back into Kaje, we will be beginning a second literacy class and Jon and Taylor will continue on with Bible translation. There is so much work ahead to be done, and when we think about it all, it is very overwhelming.  In our own strength we would certainly fail, but we are so thankful we serve a faithful God who uses us in our weakness.



Please be praying for our families as we prepare for Bible teaching for the next serveral months.  The work load is daunting between literacy, Bible translation, lesson writing and just family time and discipleship.

Especially pray for the Kaje, that the Lord would be preparing their hearts for His truth.

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