What’s the Surest Way to Show You Love Jesus?

Jesus didn’t intend for us to guess. He told us clearly: “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” (Matt. 25:40).

OXYGEN Volume 09

Jesus loves the poor and spent most of His ministry healing and teaching the poor. Consequently, it was the poor who followed Him. They knew this world was not their home. So they focused their money and energies on spreading the good news of God’s kingdom and filling it up with the poor in spirit who love Jesus. This was His command:  “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)


This is one reason Principles for Life Ministries has channeled our money and energies toward reaching the spiritually poor of Nicaragua. Did you know that Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America? Cheryl and I have had the privilege of taking 3 trips there working under the leadership of our partners, Pastor Rigoberto and Claudia Reyes. Because the people are so poor, it shouldn’t surprise us to find them so responsive to the good news of Jesus. Hundreds have believed and been baptized over the last several years, dozens of churches have been planted, and dozens of pastors trained.



To get a personal view of what is happening, please take time to watch the short video below produced by Pastor Rigo. Because many of us are not Spanish-speakers and have trouble understanding those with accents, the entire video is subtitled in English. Marvel at the community of El Bonete where the poorest of the poor live. And then realize that in spite of their poverty, they are some of the most joyful people on earth! Why? Because joy is a gift from God and the fruit of loving and serving Jesus!

Two requests as you pray for this miraculous ministry:

1) Make a donation to the Nicaraguan Extension Bible Institute. $10 goes a long way in Nicaragua. You can do that by hitting the Donate button to our ministry and trusting us to send 100% of your gift to their ministry account. Or visit their website and find out how to give, pray, and even organize a short-term mission trip to support their work.


2) Please pray for God’s supernatural healing of Cheryl and me (Gary). Our retirement plans included mission trips to teach and support national leaders like Pastor Rigo. Then we were struck down with cancer (from which Cheryl still suffers side effects) and spinal stenosis and Parkinson’s Disease (Gary). But at aged 65 and 63, we don’t think this is how God wants our ministry to end. So join us in praying for wisdom as to how to respond (serving from home or surgery to repair our bodies.) Thank you for caring and praying!

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