Inspiring Reports from Central America

Hi, Friends! Halleluah to the Lord for what He is doing in Central America!

Please take time to read this inspiring testimony from our missionary in Nicaragua, Rigoberto Reyes, and pray for his financial needs and ongoing success of his ministry. If you would like to contribute to him through PFL Ministries, we guarantee that 100% of your giving will go directly to his ministry without any overhead on our part. You can do that by sending us a check or using the donation button on this page. God bless you!

Gary and Cheryl

Managua, March 17 of 2017


CONFERENCE 2017 Began with a big event; Every two years all the Missionaries of Central America have a great spiritual feast to worship our Lord. Last  January we held  our meeting in Nicaragua. We invited all the Central American  Country Coordinators   and their families. There were seventhy-two brothers from all the Central American Ministries (CAM); seventhy-two Brothers in Christ SINGING THE SAME SONG. Our theme was IF THE GOSPEL IS NOT IMPACTING, IT IS NOT THE GOSPEL. We  have confidence that we are impacting leaders to share the grace of Jesus, with those who do not know Him.

Right now in Central America we have 1,350 Leaders under Pastoral training, We are appointing thirty Church Planters, and our goal is to start one-hundred New Churches.


We are focused on making our Ministry more fruitful in the name of JESUSCHRIST. We are very happy because two years ago we partnered with Antioch University from the   USA, to start our Central American theology school— Biblical Education by Extension (BEE). Because of expense and family obligations, 90% of pastors in Latin America  cannot have a theological education. By going to these students where they are, this program will change that. Educated pators will produce better fruits  for  GOD´s  KINGDOM.

Since we developed BEE UNIVERSITY in Nicaragua, we have seen how our leaders grow Spiritually and multiply in number. One of the greatest fruits of this program is that we  have around 25 church planters ready to go.

Our prayer for this year is to send five church planters to the cities where this ministry has not yet spread (500.00 each/monthly)



In December we had much joy to graduate another group of young people who, when entered the farm at the beginning of the year, came from extreme poverty, were living in the streets, and were involved in drug use. In December we finally saw them graduating as Welders, and most importantly as Christ’s disciples.

Two young men from Honduras: Nelson and Freddy from the Lenca tribes, arrived with the illusion of changing

their lives and establish a Welding school in La Esperanza, under the direction of our Missionary Erick Sánchez, which may help the young Lencas to have a skill technique that will be able to allow them a better economic condition. And, they did it.

TONY: His father abandoned him, and he grew up with his mother and his grandparents. When he got to know his father at the age 8, he knew he was an alcoholic and drug addict who lived in the streets. A few years later he witnessed how he was killed, and this marked his life and led to rebellion, drug and alcohol use. He entered Bethlehem School and GOD transformed his life. Tony has been transformed from Bethlehem farm, reestablished the relationship with his mother and currently works to support his family’s economy.

It is very nice to see GOD POWER, transforming lives, It is possible because there are passionated leader reching those who doesn`t know JESUS, and passionated DONORS praying for us,

We appreciate so much your NICARAGUA MINISTRIES LOVE.



(Download this prayer letter by clicking on this link – Central America.

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