Jon & Jen Myer’s Missionary Adventures in the Unreached Kaje Village


Two of our favorite missionaries, because of their selfless commitment to Christ, are Jon & Jen Myers who are serving as tribal church planters among the Kaje people of Papua New Guinea. This is a tribal group that has not yet heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  Jon and Jen, along with their New Tribes teammates, Tyler and Abbey Goheen, are committed to learning the unspoken language of the Kaje people, putting it into written form, then teaching the people how to read and write it, and using it to teach them the story of Jesus, as foreshadowed in the Old Testament and fully revealed in the in the New Testament.  This could well be a lifelong commitment for both them and their children.


Because of their commitment to reach this unreached people group, Principles for Life Ministries and The Gathering are fully committed to supporting their ministry in any way that we can.  This month we are collecting a Care Package of seasoning packets (chili and taco spices) as well as dried meats like beef jerky and pepperoni sticks that we can send to them in Papua New Guinea. If you’d like to help with this project, simply email us ( and we will tell you how you to take part.  The shipping cost to send a box is about $250.  Jon & Jen have also mentioned that if anyone knows how to burn a DVD of upcoming Seahawk games, that would also help them feel closer to home.

To read about the challenges they’re facing, take a moment to read their latest prayer letter at this link – Myers/Goheens in Papua New Guinea.  You may also enjoy watching the short video below which shows them learning the Kaje language and developing friendships with the villagers.

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