“Sunday Psalms” Episode 7 by Heidi Schwarz Sadler

Sunday Psalms: Episode 7 by Heidi Sadler (Inspired by Psalm 107)


Sunday Psalms: Fictional Narratives Inspired by the Psalms, Proverbs, & Other Biblical Works

On the date of my sentencing, there was no denying my guilt. I knew it, and the judge knew it. And although I was worthy of the punishment, I still fought to avoid incarceration.

When I was arrested, I violently thrashed against the guards. With venom lurking in their hearts, they threw me to the ground and took great pleasure in chaining me to the wall.

For the first several days, I wailed like a helpless child. Through the cell bars, I cried out for mercy, only to find myself bitterly disappointed.

In time, I grew to accept this existence. Day after day, year after year, grief over my life sentence resulted in a numbing existence. The stone walls of the prison cell had become my familiar companions.

One winter morning, as I struggled to remember what it was like to be free, I awoke to an unfamiliar sound. I opened my eyes to see a man with kind eyes singing to himself as he unlocked my cell door. In one swift move, he swung open the door, and entering, he bent down to release the chains that held me captive.

Without a word, he helped me to stand on wobbly legs and gestured that I was free to go. Confused, I asked, “What’s happened?”

The man smiled and said, “I’ve followed your case for some time. Today, I made arrangements, and now you are free to go.”

“I’m guilty,” I informed him, and he nodded that he was aware of this.

While being released was good news to my tired soul, I couldn’t help but ask him, “Why now? Why today, when I’ve been in here all this time?”

With a nudge, he guided me out of the cell and simply answered, “Until you’ve experienced captivity, you can’t appreciate real freedom.”


To read more of Heidi’s inspirational writing, including the “Sunday Psalms,” click on this link to her website,  “Letters to Friends, – or on this link to the website of Heidi and Ben Sadler’s worship ministry, Chasing Ebenezer. We endorse them wholeheartedly and without reservation. They are the best!


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