Practical Suggestions for “A WONDERFUL EXPLOSION” from Granny Kat

The following is a reprint of January 22nd’s devotion from “Our Daily Bread” accompanied by the thoughts of Norma Webber, a dear friend of The Gathering. She offers several practical suggestions of how to put Christ’s love into action. Norma is director of Kitten Rescue of Mason County, which is dedicated to placing abandoned and unwanted kittens with safe, loving, Indoor only, homes.

A Wonderful Explosion

22-770x425In the book, Kisses from Katie, Katie Davis recounts the joy of moving to Uganda and adopting several Ugandan girls. One day, one of her daughters asked, “Mommy, if I let Jesus come into my heart, will I explode?” At first, Katie said no. When Jesus enters our heart, it is a spiritual event.

However, after she thought more about the question, Katie explained that when we decide to give our lives and hearts to Jesus “we will explode with love, with compassion, with hurt for those who are hurting, and with joy for those who rejoice.” In essence, knowing Christ results in a deep care for the people in our world.

The Bible challenges us to “rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep” (Rom. 12:15). We can consistently display this loving response because of the Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts. When we receive Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us. The apostle Paul described it this way, “Having believed [in Christ,] you were sealed with the Holy Spirit” (Eph. 1:13).

Caring for others—with God’s supernatural assistance—shows the world that we are His followers (John 13:35). It also reminds us of His love for us. Jesus said, “As I have loved you, . . . you also love one another” (v.34).

Dear Jesus, help me to experience Your love more deeply so that I can share it
with others. Empower me through Your Holy Spirit so that I can glorify You.

Love given reflects love received.

 Norma adds:

Today’s Our Daily Bread, starts with referring to Kisses from Katie, a book that I will read again and again, each time with tears in my eyes for this young lady whose life has been given to others.  Thinking of things that would be available to the members of The Gathering.  The food bank and the free meals offered in Shelton.  Not only donating food, but sitting down and eating and listening to the recipients there.

Both our shelter and Adopt A Pet need socializers.  Imagine an animal well-loved and all of a sudden your person is gone.  You are put outside with no food, love  or hope.  When you are rescued you cannot believe that life will ever be the same.  How can you trust again?

Assisted living places, the people now living in them and in nursing homes.  They feel the same grief that the abandoned animals do.  Loss of memory, loss of familiar surroundings, often no one to listen to the wonderful stories of their past.

Classes for children having problems with reading.  Becoming a friend and cheerleader for these kids.  So often there are not enough people to help these special needs children.

Instead of buying a new not necessary item for your home, take the money and donate it to a place like Feed the Children.  God gives us money to use to make sure that we have enough food and shelter.  Fancy cars, new jewelry, do they satisfy the buyer in the long term?  Children go to school without warm coats, how many coats could we buy for the price of a 1000 dollar ring?

9I care for the unwanted and abandoned cats in this county.  I won’t be coming to any meetings.  However, my prayers that we all learn to give away love and seek His direction are constant.

I love you all,  Norma



4 responses to “Practical Suggestions for “A WONDERFUL EXPLOSION” from Granny Kat

  1. Dear Norma,
    Very well said and what great acts of kindness for us all to put in motion. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we forget these things. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!
    Love you! Marty

  2. I needed this.

  3. I needed this reminder.

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