THE GIFT OF HEALING by Heidi Schwarz Sadler

In the waiting room at Seattle Children’s Hospital, the couple waited as their three-year-old underwent an extensive surgery.  It had taken multiple visits to even find a doctor who would be willing to operate.  This was a risky surgical attempt with no guarantees.  Would their daughter be here this time next year?

As the doctor appeared from the operating room just two hours after beginning his work, the hearts of the parents sank.  The surgery was to last seven hours; this must mean that their little one had died on the operating table.


Bracing for the worst, their fear was quickly assuaged as they listened to the doctor with amazement.  Not only was the little girl alive, but the cancer that once had veins reaching into her body had become self-contained within itself without connecting with other organs or tissues.  The once malignant tumor had turned benign and was easily removed.

There was no medical explanation.  This was an example of the Divine touching earth.

My parents know what it means to see the gift of healing in their lives.  This extraordinary healing of my body happened in 1985.  As  I celebrate my birthday today, I marvel at the tremendous life I have received.


This reality of healing in my life often leads to many questions.  “Why?”  Why was I healed when so many others are not?  When and why does God heal?  Why does my own mother have chronic pain and disabilities, while I walk around healthy and physically free?

While I’ve reached many conclusions about the complexity of healing, it would be foolish of me to act as if I have all the answers to questions that theologians have been wrestling with for thousands of years.

After attempting to explain the complex, I am able to say, “I don’t know.”  In the same way that I don’t know why God let’s bad things happen to good people, I don’t know why God doesn’t always heal.


What I Do Know

But here’s what I do know.  I do know that God is the Healer, and I know that God is good.  I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it.  Until God tells me to stop asking for healing in a situation, I will confidently ask.

As we say goodbye to one year and receive the new, I anticipate fresh ways that my heart, soul, mind, and body might be healed in 2015.

How have you been healed in the past?  What healing do you need in your life? Send Ben and me a message so that we can pray for you.

Happy New Year!

Ben and Heidi Sadler

To read more of Heidi and Ben’s writing or to learn about their ministry plans for 2015, check out their website – Chasing Ebenezer.

♦Read more of Heidi’s healing story as told by her dad in How God’s Presence Overcame My Terror.

Photo Credit – 1: Natesh Ramasamy via Compfight cc  2: Autumnsonata via Compfightcc

2 responses to “THE GIFT OF HEALING by Heidi Schwarz Sadler

  1. Again, I was touched by your beautiful story of who God is and who we are through your eyes. Your spirit is as beautiful as you are on the outside. I pray for God’s continued favor on you and Ben as you minister to many hurting, lost souls. Thank you for sharing your life.

  2. Jackie,
    Thank you so much. Prayers definitely appreciated as we step into this year.

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