Mission Update from Mountain View, Romania

Romania 4

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

We would like to inform you of the outcome from the November 8 youth meeting.

The youth meeting was a great success. 100+ people came from our town and surrounding areas.  We were encouraged because there were many unsaved youth that attended, among them were some of our neighbors. The message and the music were great. The message of the evening was entitled “It is your time,” emphasizing that today is the right time to receive Christ, live for Christ  and making it a priority to waste no time in making Christ’s love known to others. The “seed” was planted and we now wait upon the Lord to bring forth the fruit. Many young people have received Christ at these meetings in the past and we trust in the continued work of the Holy Spirit.

A young girl named Alexandra, around 12 years old, has been faithfully attending the youth programs every month since we started in 2010 even though she is much younger than all the youth attending. She tried hard to get her brother to come with her, but he always refused. He is not saved. He is about 19-20 years old and finally came to this last meeting. When we talked to him and told him that we were very excited to see him, he said he enjoyed it very much and would come again. Now there is more to this story. The Lord has used Alexandra’s evangelistic spirit not only to get her brother to come to the youth meetings but also to encourage her dad to go to church and, from what we understand, he recently gave his life to Christ.

Vatrans in HategWhat was also encouraging to us is the fact that, after the youth meeting, we have received a hand written letter in the mail from a young girl in a town 45 minutes from where we live, wanting to thank us for holding these youth meetings and concerts here at Mountain View Camp and Conference Center. She wrote to let us know that she is grateful for and appreciates the worship and fellowship, and that she is filled with such peace every time she comes here. Praise the Lord!!!!!!! This is our desire, that God will be glorified here and that people will sense the presence of the Holy Spirit and have peace.

Our next youth meeting and Christmas concert is on December 6th, please bring this date and event before the Lord as well.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

In His grace,

John and Estera Vatran

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