Breakthroughs in the Bluefields

Eleven years ago we had the privilege of praying with and beginning to support Rigoberto and Claudia Reyes who were just then moving to Nicaragua with the vision of winning the lost to Christ and planting new churches there. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Thousands are following Jesus for the first time and dozens of new congregations have been started.

The Bluefields, however, has been the most difficult region to reach. This is due in part to its distance from western Nicaragua, as well as its higher rate of drug addiction and alcoholism. However, great breakthroughs are now being made. Pastor Francisco, a former member of the Nicaraguan mafia, reports that 20 new believers have been baptized already this year. In fact, the spiritual soil is now so fertile that the goal is to plant 10 new churches in the Bluefields with a pastor trained and financially able to shepherd each church full-time.

Please take a moment to read the report below and to pray for God’s power and provision as our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters in Christ seek to expand His kingdom in one of the most fruitful harvest fields of the world. For this is how our Heavenly Father is glorified – by His children bearing much fruit for Him in Jesus’ name. See John 15:8.

Breakthroughs in the Bluefields


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