GOD’S INTERVENTION by Jackie Wattnem

Years ago the Lord instructed me that when I pray for someone I am to leave the results to Him. My job pray, His job results.

Once in a while we get the privilege to hear about His results. Last Tuesday when I got to work my co-worker Amy told me to call Susan, one of our patients because she had a story to tell me that I would be excited to hear.

Susan is a small woman in her 50’s with some health issues and a woman who had life under her control.

When she walked into the office a year ago she seemed unusually fearful and weak. She had brought some food for lunch and wondered if we had a microwave so she could heat it up. I went to the lunch room in the back of the office with her and asked if I could pray with her. She agreed, so I took her hands and immediately the presence of the Holy Spirit was with us. I am not sure what the prayer was but God spoke to her that day.

Jackie, after we prayed last year I couldn’t get your words off my mind. Everywhere I turned you and the words you spoke were there. Finally in January I decided to go to a church near me in. It is not like me to go into a small church when I don’t know anyone but I did and everyone was so friendly and loving.

On June 4th I decided to give my life to the Lord but during the next two months I started to question the reality of this new life in Jesus. I was asking God about it and needed to be reassured.

On August 4th I was driving in Poulsbo and making a left turn when I saw a car headed directly toward my car door. I immediately said ok Lord I surrender this to you and I became very calm. Everything instantly was in slow motion and I could see his car coming closer and between us was a glimmering, shimmering of something between the cars. Like on a hot day when we see the heat waves off the pavement.

Suddenly his car seemed to hit something and was deflected away from me. I continued calmly to drive to a nearby parking lot and was sure I would fall apart when I stopped but to my surprise I was totally at peace and still calm. On the following Sunday I went to church gave my testimony and was baptized. Now I know what everyone is excited about and why we want to share with the world our new life in Jesus. My total surrender has changed my life forever.

3 responses to “GOD’S INTERVENTION by Jackie Wattnem

  1. Jackie,
    Thanks so much for sharing your testimony with all of us!! One of my favorite joys in life is to hear testimonies from people that the Lord has touched. I think it’s so important for us to share our blessings, gifts & miracles that the Lord has given us. I feel the Lord smiling when we all share our stories of how he has touched our lives.
    Love you dear friend!

  2. All I can say is, “WOW!!” Thanks Jackie for sharing that!!

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