Thank for Praying!

Dear Friends,

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am so grateful for every prayer said on my behalf. We just returned from the oncologist and my PET scan from last week showed no signs of cancer! I am now 16 months cancer free.

I thank the Lord for His mercy and kindness and am so grateful I can continue walking with you in the days ahead. My prayer continues to be that together we can make a difference for Eternity here in Mason County.

Love and praise,
Cheryl and Gary

4 responses to “Thank for Praying!

  1. Marty Wilson

    Yeah!!!!!! Praise God!!! He loves u soooo much and has lots down here for you still to do!! Like lead us women!!! Love u bunches!!!! Marty

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  2. Dear Cheryl,

    I will join you in thanking God for His mercy. I am glad you are cancer free! I rejoice with you.

    I have always loved you and your husband. I will never forget the first time I heard your prayer for the lost in morning prayer group. I knew you had a heart for the lost. You have a heart after God’s own heart. He is not willing for any to perish. I pray that each passenger on my bus will be with me at the wedding supper of the lamb. I ask every day for that and expect many to be there with us. Can you imagine when the roll is called up yonder? We will be there. God planned our birth and death in eternity past. Both are in His hands. Our life in between is as well. He is the King. He rules. He reigns. He is coming back. Maybe in our life time. Hope so. God bless you and your wonderful husband who listened to me pour out my heart.

    Brother Forever

    Bruce <

    • God bless you, Brother Bruce, and may He use both you and Linda on a daily basis to touch others with His love. The time is short and the King is coming soon. Let’s take as many with us as we can. We love you guys! Blessings forever! Gary and Cheryl

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