Tornado Hits Junkyard, Assembles Boeing 747!

Imagine the following situation. You’re stranded on a desert island. No, not with the cast of Survivor. You’re all alone. At least you think you are. Until you go exploring, and what do you find lying in the sand on the beach? A wristwatch! So what do you conclude? “I’m not the first human being to set foot on this island. Someone has been here before me, and maybe they’re still here now!” Isn’t that a logical conclusion to make? When you see the evidence of design, the only logical conclusion is that there’s been an intelligent designer at work. Right?

And yet, when it comes to the order and design of the universe around us, what do many unbelievers say? “There is no Creator. All this came about as the result of chance plus time – billions and billions of years of time!” Sir Frederick Hoyle, the British astronomer, answered that claim like this. He said, “The odds of the universe happening by chance are equivalent to a Boeing 747 being assembled by a tornado blowing through a junkyard.” Or to say it another way, it probably didn’t happen like that. When you find the evidence of design and the presence of everything you need for life and happiness, the only logical deduction is that Someone incredibly great not only exists, but also loves you very, very much.

Take one example – the human hand. The adult human has 206 bones in his or her body. But 54 of them are in our hands – 16 in the wrists and 38 in our fingers. The problem is: How do you make a hand that’s both flexible and strong? After all, if you make the muscles large enough to be strong, how do you keep the fingers from being too fat to close? The answer was a large number of  small muscles to  operate the hand. In fact, we rarely realize what a masterpiece of engineering the thumb is. But smash it with a hammer, so you can’t use it for a while, and it becomes strikingly apparent (pardon the pun) how necessary it is! If you doubt it, try this experiment. Tape your thumb to your hand with a piece of adhesive, then try picking up a dime. (Nobody picks up pennies anymore.) It won’t take but a moment for you to miss your thumb. Resting in a special saddle joint, the thumb gives the hand great flexibility and freedom to do what no other creature can do – thread a needle, write a book, paint a picture.

So how did all this come about? Chance plus time? Of course not! No rational  person would come to that conclusion. Wherever  we look, we see the evidence of brilliant and loving design, pointing to the existence of a Designer who is not only infinite in wisdom, but also very, very good and kind.

That is my topic as I continue our study of God. We’re seeking to understand who He is, what He’s like, and what He thinks about you and me. Until now, we’ve shined the light of His Word on His holiness, His faithfulness, and Hi goodness. But in the next few posts I am shifting the spotlight to His knowledge,  which is one of the most powerful and practical topics we can study. As we do, I will be emphasizing four main points: His knowledge is proclaimed in Scripture, proven in prophecy, pictured in creation, and precious in experience. I hope you’ll take the time to ponder these thoughts with me and share them with your family and friends. Who knows? They could prove to be life-changing!

2 responses to “Tornado Hits Junkyard, Assembles Boeing 747!

  1. Thanks for the great post Dr. Schwarz!

    Contemplating God’s creation is completely mind blowing. In addition to being irrational; thinking the earth and its inhabitants occur by “chance” or “accident” cheats Him of credit for His amazing creativity and provision.

    Just consider how amazing and complex His creations are… the earth and its many habitats including the land and sea, how different animals function on that landscape, how they function at an anatomical level, how they function as individuals, how they function in groups, how they fit into the web of life that screams “intelligent design”. Not to mention the intellect that He endowed us with so we can discover and study His work (using our gifted ability to reason). WOW, just WOW!

    Want to feel small yet loved at the same time? Think on these things!

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