Guest Post – Jesus Meets Us at Roosters

While Cheryl recovers from cancer surgery and I stay with her at UW Medical Center, two of our  good friends take my place sharing what God has put on their hearts. Remembering what was said about Jesus at His birth – “they shall call his name Immanuel” which translated means, ‘God with us.’” – Doug Wisdom shares how he experiences this truth every workday.

“Jesus Meets Us at Roosters” by Doug Wisdom

Roosters is a little restaurant in Shelton that also sells gasoline in front of their store, a modern day version of the little crossroads restaurant with the single gas pump out front where your grandparents and great grandparents met to have a friendly meal with their neighbors. I spend an hour or two there most weekdays between school bus runs. Tuesdays are especially nice for me because Nancy meets me there before she starts her activities with her Youth for Christ group.

Yesterday, Bruce Colebank came by to have breakfast and share good stories about his wife Linda who battles COPD. Then Maudi Newman (local missionary for Youth for Christ) arrived and she shared her need for some men to step up to help with mentoring her teenagers at YFC. Bruce is intrigued with the idea to help out. Andi Uffelman from CareNet, who had a cancelled meeting joined us to share her vision for CareNet, that it will be as well known as Planned Parenthood and offer a more Godly way of handling the unexpected pregnancy.

Other days I have seen Sharon Fitchitt and Sharon Milner nestled in the back room working on Christmas cards and Christmas crafts. Randy Churchill meets  with the Salvation Army group. You’ll always see Randy around Safeway this time of year greeting shoppers as they pass his little red pot trying to help make Christmas a little more joyful for others in need.

And, yes, Jesus is there with his friends, sharing his love, encouraging each of us, laughing, crying, just providing whatever is needed for the occasion. Our day is just so much better, because he met us at Roosters.

Thank you, Doug, for reminding me that Jesus is my Emmanuel, always with me, not only at Christmastime, but every day in every place throughout the year!

4 responses to “Guest Post – Jesus Meets Us at Roosters

  1. And you should see it on Sunday morning after church! Believers from churches all over the area fellowshiping with one another. What a blessing!

  2. Enmanuel is with you and many people who love you.

  3. Max Lucado was talking about Mary the mother of Jesus. He said, “Can you imagine having Jesus inside of you? Each day He grows bigger, nudging, kicking, moving, stretching inside of you until He gets so big He just has to come out.” It was better for Jesus to go away and send His Spirit. His Spirit is a person who resides in us. God with us is now God in us our hope of glory. My prayer for myself and all of us who profess Christ the Savior, is that He grows so big inside of us that He just has to come out. I am blessed to have many friends who are filled with the Holy Spirit. I am truly thankful for them. I have met them at Roosters, on the bus, at the Gathering, in my home and find their fellowship delightful. When we walk in the Light as He is in the Light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of God’s Son Jesus, purifies us from all sin. Sometimes I know that I am not walking in the Spirit. Sometimes my love is replaced with hate, I find depression instead of joy, unrest instead of peace, impatience instead of patience, shortness and rudeness replacing kindness – you get the picture. Very common this time of year. Because the Word of God tells me what the fruits of the Spirit are, I am able to recognize my need to go to God when I step out of the orchard. The fruit of Bruce is rotten to the core and found outside the Spirit’s Orchard. May God who is in You, fill you up with so much of Himself that He has to come out. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  4. Great one Doug!! It really is like that in there especially on Sunday mornings!!

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