Cheryl’s Special Prayer Meeting – This Sunday at 6:00 pm

Merry Christmas, Dear Friends!

With Cheryl’s cancer surgery approaching this Monday morning, we thank you for your loving support and give praise to God for meeting our many needs according to His matchless grace and glorious riches found in Christ Jesus.

Good News: After 5 weeks of chemotherapy and 29 rounds of radiation (external and internal), Cheryl’s surgeon found no signs of her tumor at her pre-op exam last week. Her drainage tube, which was putting out 2,000cc’s of lymph fluid a day, has finally stopped draining. Physical therapy on her leg, which was damaged by radiation, is also improving as we work together on it twice a day. The company that produces Lovenox, a blood thinner Cheryl injects into her abdomen every evening to protect against blood clots, has generously donated a two months supply to us, because Cheryl is a cancer patient and we have no prescription coverage. At $30 a shot, that’s a savings of $1,800.

Thank you: We also want to thank you for the thousands of dollars you have contributed to help with our co-insurance payments and medical costs ($22,500 out-of-pocket expenses so far), the dozens of get-well cards you’ve sent us, the scores of meals you have made for us, the transportation you have provided, the housework and handyman projects you have helped us with, and the countless prayers you have offered up on our behalf. No one has ever been blessed with more genuine friends than we have been given, and we love you for it!

Prayer Request: Pray for Cheryl’s surgery this Monday as they remove the organs and tissues damaged by the cancer, the chemotherapy, and the radiation. Pray too for the swelling and pain in her abdomen and right leg to be relieved by the operation and therapy to follow. We are confident of God’s healing, but we do not take it for granted. We believe it’s through your prayers and ours that the Spirit of Grace is pleased to dos His work. If you’re available, Cheryl will join us this Sunday afternoon for a special prayer meeting focused on her healing. It will start at 6:00 pm at the PUD 3 Auditorium following the Gathering. Join us if you can! You don’t have to regularly attend the Gathering to do so. And if you can’t join us in person, please take a few minutes to pray for her at that time.

Our love and thanks in Jesus,

Pastor Gary & Cheryl

5 responses to “Cheryl’s Special Prayer Meeting – This Sunday at 6:00 pm

  1. Bill & Alison DeRoche

    What a great privilege that will be on Sunday evening…to gather together lifting Cheryl and Gary before God’s throne of grace. May His name be lifted high as we watch and wait His perfect will.

    • What a privilege to have such genuine, loving friends to walk through this with us! You know what it’s like to need God’s comfort, and because you’ve experienced it yourself, you’ve been able to pass it on to us. We love you for it! Gary and Cheryl

  2. Bill & Alison DeRoche

    What a privilege on Sunday to gather together lifting Cheryl and Gary before God’s throne of grace. May His Name be lifted high as we watch and wait His perfect will.

  3. Dear Gary & Cheryl,
    We will certainly be praying with you Sunday. We have a lot of people praying for Cheryl here at Emmanuel. Kenn is in the hospital at this time, but I’ll make sure I’m there at 6:00 on Sunday to pray with him. I have a package to send Cheryl. Can I send it to your home? Lots of love to you both. Kenn & Claudette

    • Thank you, Claudette! Can you tell us more about Kenn’s condition? Thank you for caring and praying! What a blessing to know you and our friends at Emmanuel. Our home address is 80 SE Mill Creek Ridge Rd. W., Shelton, WA 98584. Love in Christ, Gary and Cheryl

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