Cheryl’s Health Update – October 7th, 2011

We’ve had two positive reports from Cheryl’s doctors this past week. A manual exam by her oncologist indicated that her tumor has decreased by half after six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. We also learned yesterday after a CAT scan of her lungs that there is no indication that the cervical cancer has spread beyond the pelvic area. Cheryl has completed her external radiation treatments and chemotherapy in Lacey. Next Thursday we travel to Seattle to meet with the radiation oncologist, where she will begin five sessions of internal radiation at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Please pray for the side effects of the radiation she is receiving. It causes severe burning in the pelvic region making something as simple as using the restroom very painful. Following these treatments, she will rest for six weeks before having surgery at UW Medical Center.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!

Gary & Cheryl

18 responses to “Cheryl’s Health Update – October 7th, 2011

  1. dear cheryl – i have prayed for you daily for God’s healing, comfort, strength and mercy as you (like so many others) go through this journey i expect a miracle from our awesome God, for he is failthful beyond our understanding as we ask in his son’s name.

    you may be frightened by this evil attack but you are strong and steadfast in God’s favor. you stand tall in the sight of God. may you rest peacefully in His mighty love and grace as you continue your journey to completion.

    i pray God wraps his arms around you and holds you so close, so very close to himself, that if his heart was beating you could hear it. i pray even in your worst moments you feel the warmth of his love and his mighty strength to prevail – and even the gentleness of his touch as he wipes away your tear.

    know you are loved by many, but by no one more than your heavenly Father. in that we rejoice!

    linda :O)

  2. Praise God, Praise God, and Praise God! Thank you for the incredible update. We will pray for her comfort and continued healing. Hug’s to all of you.
    The O’Hare’s

  3. So glad to hear the latest — we continue to pray, and we know it won’t be an easy road – but “Jesus walks beside and brightens the pathway, and lightens every heavy load.” (one of my favorites). God has been so very good to us – just finished my 39th radiation (and got my “certificate”!) — Lovingly, Doris and Dick

    • Dear Doris and Dick, Thank you so much for your love and prayers. We have prayed for you too and thank the Lord for sustaining you throughout your radiation treatments. We will continue to pray for God’s healing, comfort, and strength in your lives. Our love in Christ, Gary and Cheryl

  4. Theresa Schwartz

    Oh Cheryl, I am thankful for the good reports but ache with you in the still to come rough road you are to travel. I will bring you before the Lord daily. I am having another surgery on my hand, one place they can fix 🙂 I am very anxious, (I think the Lord tells us, be not anxious) because my stomach cannot tolerate pain pills because of the constant migraines. I am asking the Lord to help me deal with post op pain. So, I have learned to live in the moment, not taking on even the next hour of constant pain, or I lose it mentally. I KNOW He is in control, and He is for you also.

    • Dear Theresa, Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. You and Andy are true friends! We have and will continue to pray for the healing of your hand, especially for the surgery to come. Your testimony of living through the pain is a great testimony to God’s sustaining grace and an inspiration for us to keep going despite this painful trial. We will pray for minimal side effects as you undergo surgery again. We’re so sorry for the pain you’re suffering. May the Holy Spirit comfort you with His presence. Our love in Jesus, Cheryl and Gary

  5. Cheryl this is such wonderful news but deep in my heart I knew the Lord was going to heal you all the way. That day we prayed together I’ve never in my life felt the Holy Spirit come through me like that ever!! As I drove down the road from your home that day I knew from that experience and through us having such faith with no doubts that he was going to heal you completely. The Lord has been there every time I’ve called on him and he is the wonderful almighty!! Your such a inspiration and blessing to all of us!! Keep getting better dear friend because we all truly love & miss you!! Love you bunches and bunches!! Marty

    • Thank you, Marty! The Bible says the prayer of faith will restore the one who is sick. You have a powerful gift of faith. Thanks for praying and using it to make Cheryl well. We love you for it and are praying for you too! Gary and Cheryl

  6. Thank you for the update. We are continuing to pray for complete healing, strength and peace in the process. We love you and are trusting Him to give you all you need and more to walk thru this time. Betsy

    • Bless you guys for caring and praying! It’s been an extremely painful path she is traveling, but God has been with us every step of the way, and the treatments are working. Thank the Lord! I don’t know what I’d do without her. She is a gift from God and the love of my life. Gary and Cheryl

  7. We will contnue to pray for positive updates like this one!!!

    Love to you both

    Les and Lorena

  8. Psalm 121:5-8 The Lord watches over Gary and Cheryl – The Lord is their shade at his right hand, the sun will not harm them by day or the moon by night. The Lord will keep Cheryl and Gary from all harm – He will watch over their life; the Lord will watch over their coming and going, both now and forevermore.
    God bless you both. Linda and I pray for you. We are so glad that both of you are safe in the Father’s hands. We claim the promises in Psalm 121 for you both.

  9. Linda and I agreed on a verse that spoke to us from our daily reading. This one is in Psalm 125:2 – As the mountains surround Jersualem, so the Lord surrounds His people.
    Linda says it is a picture of God’s arms wrapped around each of us who belong to Him. You both came to my mind when she said that.
    Be encouraged by His Word, Pastor Gary and Precious Cheryl. He has His arms wrapped all around you.

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