For those involved in or interested in the Gathering, here’s a critical reminder and a few announcements about this Sunday afternoon.
Location! Location! Location!
The Gathering changes locations and times starting this Sunday. We’ll now be meeting at the PUD Auditorium in downtown Shelton, 307 W. Cota St., starting at 5:30 pm. Spread the word and invite a friend to join us!
September 11th Remembrance
The events of 9/11/2001 changed our lives forever. This week we’ll begin with a remembrance of those who died in the tragedy as well as those who lost loved ones and those who’ve sacrificed to defend us the past 10 years. Come ready to share how God has used these events to change your life and to pray for those who continue to grieve and those who continue to serve in harm’s way.
A Powerful Testimony from One of Our Own
Inspirational Worship Led by George Mick and John Long
A New Sermon Series by Pastor Gary
Over the last several weeks, we’ve enjoyed an unusual movement of the Holy Spirit among us inspiring miraculous life changes, powerful testimonies, and strong supportive sharing and prayer.  It is important to learn how to avoid quenching this supernatural work of the Spirit so that we enjoy more power, more peace, and more of His presence. That’s the aim of this new sermon series – “The Gift of the Holy Spirit” – to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to use our spiritual gifts to bless His family and expand His Kingdom.
Share and Prayer
Following the conclusion of our service, we’ll give opportunity to those who’d like to stay for a time of sharing and prayer. Even if you’re unable to stay beyond our conclusion (about 6:45 pm), we’d like to pray for your needs. Therefore,  please share a request with us on our “Contact Us” page. Thanks!


  1. Unfortunately Linda and I will not be able to attend while we go to choir. I would LOVE to hear those sermons. Any plans for recording? I believe you have put the finger on the need of the church with this series. People don’t get “yielding to the Holy Spirit” and when they do get it, they are amazed at their walk and their freedom. I am so sorry to miss this series.

    • You will be sorely missed! I’ll see if I can record them. Cheryl has asked me about that too. If I can, I’ll post them on our web site. It’s all about juggling all the balls without dropping any. Bless you guys!

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