Want a Cookie?

Marilynn, charge nurse at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, was fast asleep.  Exhausted from working overtime, she’d left instructions not to be disturbed until her alarm went off in time to get ready for the 11:00 PM shift that night.

That same afternoon I came in the door from Wilson High School to find my precious nine-year-old sister Shannon on the verge of tears.  Her Blue Bird troop leader had called to remind her that the deadline for turning in her Puyallup Fair entry was but a few hours away.  All the other troop members had submitted their projects..  Only hers was missing and….“a good Blue Bird does not let the troop down!”  With Mom fast asleep, Shannon needed my help.

In 1971, most people subscribed to the newspaper, particularly the voluminous ad-filled Sunday edition.  Believing that “some day my Prince would come”, I’d recently started clipping recipes from the Tacoma News Tribune to store in my hope chest.  A few days prior, I’d clipped “Grandmother’s Oatmeal Cookies” and tucked it away until I could bake them for my future “Prince”.

Now I had a decision to make.  Given my sister’s desperate need, I decided my future “Prince” would have to forfeit the privilege of being the first to taste my cookie recipe.  I threw the ingredients together and my sister somehow managed to deliver a plate of warm, yet slightly undercooked cookies by the deadline.

As soul mates, we still smile forty years later when we recall that hectic day.  It’s amusing because my sister is an exceptionally fine baker and cook while one of my least favorite activities in life is food preparation. If you want to stress me out, just ask me to bake something in preparation for a special event.

But what really makes us laugh is what occurred at the next Blue Bird meeting.  Her beaming troop leader asked her to come forward, proudly announcing that the judges at the Puyallup Fair had deemed Shannon the top prize winner.  With a grand flourish the troop leader bestowed on her an incredibly large and very shiny “Blue Ribbon” for her “Grandmother’s Oatmeal Cookie” entry.

Mother’s Day is coming.  Like me, your mom may have passed on, but you have a sister,  friend, or relative with whom you have a history of shared experiences.  Take time to thank the Lord for placing them in your life.  And if possible, take a few moments to reminisce and laugh together.  It will bless your soul!

Cheryl’s Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Click link below!

FREE EBOOK – right click the link above and then left click “Save link as” to download it.

8 responses to “Want a Cookie?

  1. Pamela O'Hare

    Precious story Cheryl. What a great memory. God blesses us with our family sister’s and with our spiritual sister’s and we can’t thank him enough for both! You are one of my very precious sisters.

  2. So….oatmeal raisin cookies will be available Friday Night?

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to trying the recipe too.

  4. Laurie Howard

    Very cute and sweet story….look forward to eating some.!! Thank your Prince for sharing…..

  5. Marilyn Crowe

    Thanks Cheryl for posting your oatmeal raisin cookie recipe.
    Oatmeal raisin cookies have always been my hubby’s favorite cookie, as well as mine.
    I am anxious to make some using your recipe….and I am sure my happy hubby is anxious to eat some.
    We use “Stevia” in place of sugar…..hoping this works good when I use your cookie recipe.
    I am sure we will be smilin’ after we eat the cookies. Thanks Cheryl. 🙂
    Marilyn Crowe

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