People Do Not Rise from the Dead!

People do not rise from the dead. That was my opinion the first 19 years of my life. I grew up in the church and attended Sunday school as a boy. I also read my Bible and watched all the Jesus movies on television. But in my heart, where no one else can see, I did not believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ because those I respected said it couldn’t be true. People do not rise from the dead. And yet, today I believe. What changed my mind and my life as a result of it? Please listen to my story below. I think you’ll find it helpful and encouraging.

Listen to: “Why I Believe in the Resurrection”

To encourage you to listen, here’s a synopsis of what you’ll hear – 3 reasons I believe in the Resurrection. First there’s the historical reason. Did you know that over 500 eyewitnesses testified to seeing Jesus alive after He was crucified and buried? A handful of people might be convinced to believe or fabricate a lie, but a conspiracy involving 500 people? And what did they get for it? Many were so sure it was true that they were willing to be martyred for their faith!

There’s also the Biblical reason. The Scriptures predicted that Messiah would be born, rejected, crucified, and finally raised from the dead. These are the same Scriptures that were perfectly fulfilled by His birth and life – born in Bethlehem of the tribe of Judah and the family of David with power over disease, death, and devils. So why would the predictions of His resurrection not be fulfilled as well?

But most important of all is the personal reason. Recognizing that life was beyond my control, yet hoping the Bible was true, I bowed my head as a college student and prayed, “Jesus, if you’re real, please come into my heart and fill me with your Spirit.” And He did! He came into my life, gave me the faith to believe in Him, and began to bless me in ways I never could have predicted.

To hear the rest of my story, please click on the link above. But before you do, ask the Lord Jesus to speak to you through it and give you the faith to believe in Him and follow Him too. For HE IS RISEN! He is risen indeed!

4 responses to “People Do Not Rise from the Dead!

  1. Susan Holliday

    Great sermon for this Resurrection Day, Gary! As I was listening I thought, “Wow! Through this website is the potential for Gary to someday reach many, many more people than he ever did at FBC or in any of the other churches where he and Cheryl ministered. He can go GLOBAL!”

  2. Bruce Colebank

    Great message Pastor Gary. Thanks so much. I too believe the historical account of Jesus. I too believe the Biblical accont of Jesus. I have opened my heart to His Spirit. He lives in me. He is my hope. He is my future. Best of all, He is the Sovereign Lord. I know He made it possible for me to believe that. I was born incapable of believing. I am thankful. I got a note from my daughter on facebook today. She said one of her fondest memories was standing next to me when I sang the song “Up From the Grave He Arose!” Precious Lord, you work miracles in the hearts of men and we don’t even know that You are touching hearts. You are an awesome God. There is no one like You. Keep working in and through us. Keep on spreading Your truth through Pastor Gary and other men and women who are willing to speak Your truth as long as they have voice and life to speak it. Give each of us born-again believers opportunity to tell someone else. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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